Friday, March 9, 2012


I joined in and ran and jumped in the sprinklers today with the kids. It was one of those fun moments of laughing and being silly that I wanted to cherish, but not ruin by running into the house to get the camera. Hence, no pics, just memories this time. It makes me remember that I love being a mom to these kids.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet sweets

 My sweet girl and I baked some cookies yesterday for our Valentine boys - dad and brother :)
 I think she was more excited about liking the chocolate spoon than anything else!
I tell you, that girl LOVES her some chocolate. Nothing wrong with that, just saying it is big time for a 3-year-old. I guess there is no arguing that she is Andy's and my child!
 We also got to share some with our neighbors and friends Luke & Drea, who all probably love seeing the kids more than the cookies.
 Good thing chocolate on your teeth is cute when you're 3.
And happy valentines day from this cool dude.
Future stud muffin.

Farm girl and farm boy

Recently, one of Titus' favorite book is a farm book that he received for his birthday. So sometimes we jokingly call him a farm boy. And Annaliese chimes in that she is a farm girl too. Well, even though we live in LA, the kids do get a good taste of the country every time we go visit my family. Last time it even included a tractor ride on Opa's big Ford, only the tire pictured below.
 Annaliese even got to drive, but Titus just wanted Mom to hold him. Yes, all four of us fit in the cab of Opa's tractor, it is that big.
 Then we all got to drive/ride in the Ranger. They both had a great time driving. Fortunately it will be a few more years before they are actually behind the wheel, but it brings back sweet memories of "learning" how to drive with my dad a long time ago.
Rnnnn, rnnnnn!! Love you Opa!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas travels

 Announcing: we have a walker. Titus is so funny because he actually started walking around 11 months before he was able to crawl. Within about a week, he started crawling and hence stopped walking. We could coax him to walk on rare occasion with lots of cheering when the mood struck him. But starting in early December, he's now on his own two feet. It is fun that he can get around now.

 W had a great time with friends from our Young Marrieds fellowship group called Unite, when we were newly weds in SLO. Tahoe was beautiful - but NO SNOW! It was a little bit of a bummer, but I think the moms were all secretly ok with not having to deal with it ;)

 Here are the 8 kids at the cabin all 3 years old and younger. What a fun and lively bunch!

 From Tahoe, we went to San Jose to see Andy's family for Josh and Desiree's engagement party and pre-Christmas celebration.

 Reading the Christmas story from the Bible with Didi's Kyrgyzstanian nativity set.

 Annaliese love her new jammies from Didi and Papa Mac!

 The adults took a quick pic after the kids had gone to bed.

Then we drove to my parents family and celebrated Christmas Eve/Day with them. Annaliese enjoyed singing "Jingle Jingle Happy Bells," "Joy to the World," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (her favorite).

 Titus had fun, but wasn't entirely sure of what all was going on.

 The Peters Family :)
 Come on, cutest kids in the world? I think so.

 They love their Nannie Pie and Opa.

 Photo op clearly over.

Annaliese loved the new games she got for Christmas and enjoyed "Spilling the Beans" with Opa - totally thinking the point was TO spill the beans, instead of NOT to.

 Candyland with Mom and Nannie Pie.

Then to round out our trip all over the entire state, Andy and I got to go up to Shaver and stayed at a B&B for a night away while my parents watched the kids. It was a great time for us to relax together, although again - no snow! Oh well, we had a blast with everyone - family, friends and just us. I hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's birth with your loved ones as well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January in Southern California

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
We went to Kidspace Children's Museum on New Years Day. It has been so warm here!

 The kids got soaking wet and loved every second!

 As a bonus, we had to park near the Rose Bowl and got to see some of the floats that were being decorated! This our Cal Poly's "hero-themed" float.

We got to see Roy Rogers' daughter here at her father's honorary float. 

 They had to keep misting the flowers since it was so hot!

 Of the 5 or 6 we saw, the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer red wagon float was our favorite.

 Today the kids and I went to Santa Monica with my friend Jayme, her two kids, sister and her grandmother.

 My kids love the sand and water. Titus especially just wanted to go head-long into the water. He would cry when I would lift him up when a wave would come up above his waist.

 Just another sunny January day in So Cal. Winter, what?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What I've been up to

So I've been really busy, which has been a good thing for this year. Another reason that I haven't posted on this blog regularly is that I've started another blog for my Bradley classes. It is unfortunate that I neglect one for the other, but I'm trying to remedy that, obviously :)
Here is one of my adorable couples who won the costume contest, which happened to fall on Oct. 31st ;) I just thought it would be something fun, since we were in class on that day. Teaching my Bradley class has also been a great addition this year, giving me some much needed adult time as well as a point of focus on something that really enjoy. I have really loved getting to know a few of my couples and seeing them learn and grasp concepts that I know will help them in their labor and birth and beyond.
 I've also been making a lot of bows, headbands, and clips. My friend Megan and I sold them at a church boutique on Thursday and Friday, but unfortunately, it was much financial gain. At least I was able to support Women's Ministry at Paz Naz (it was a fundraiser), which is where I go to MOPS.
Being a part of MOPS leadership has been a fun part of this year as well. I am both the Asst. Coordinator and the Hospitality person. The bummer is that we all have pre-schoolers, so leaving the house by 7:45 to set up and staying until noon to clean up, bringing food and having leadership meetings once a month in addition to 2 meetings per month ends up being a lot, especially since it is not particularly close to my house. I've loved it, but probably will be stepping down next year as Andy's year will be much more crazy when he starts rotations next August.
 Our church has been a wonderful blessing this year as well. In July, we changed churches from MBCLA (Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles) which we had attended the first year, to Grace Pasadena, a relatively new (about 3 years old) PCA church. The fellowship we've found there has been such a reprieve from the loneliness that I experienced last year, even amongst the church and small group that we were a part of. There are a lot of young families there, many of whom are also new to the area and need an "extended family" just like we do. So it is a great fit. Plus we convinced a couple med students to go there, including Andy's friend Tyler and Luke & Drea - bonus! :)
It is hard to say which is the biggest factor in this year being much better, but definitely one of them would be Andy's schedule. Whereas last year he had 36-40 hours of scheduled lectures, labs, group activities, and then would have to study and go in to the lab on top of that, it was a lot of time away from home.  This year, he has significantly less required time at school and he has become an avid "web-caster" meaning that he watches the lectures on his own time (in double speed, mind you). They also don't have anatomy etc. that keeps him studying in the lab. It has been wonderful for me and he's gotten to see the kids a lot more.

Having two kids is busy, but no longer having a newborn and not nursing has also contributed to this year being easier. We're looking forward to having more kids, but not sure exactly when that will be. I think I'm also glad that we weathered the 2.5's and are into the 3's. To be honest, it is still really hard to discipline with love and consistency and lots of grace, but at least I don't feel as much like I got broadsided with all these discipline issues like I did last spring when it came on so strong and suddenly. Annaliese is very smart and catches onto the slightest little things. I have to remember that even though she's so smart, she is only a toddler. Titus is really beginning to exert his little will and is both sensitive as well as stubborn, not surprisingly. They are both delightful, of course!
Christmas time will be fun and a lot of traveling. After Andy has his final on Thursday, we'll go up to Tahoe for a weekend with friends from SLO. Then we'll visit Andy's family in San Jose until Friday. Finally, we'll go to the Valley to visit my family for a week. We'll be back in Alhambra for New Years, I think we'll probably miss it.  I guess that's when you know you've begun to make a place your home - you miss it when you're away.

Dean's list

 Although when I try to get everything on the blog, I just end up not posting everything, this is one thing worth backtracking. In October, Andy was on honored on the Dean's List for the 2010-2011 school year.
It really is an accomplishment including not just an academic achievement amongst a class of smarties all of whom are future doctors, but also a leadership and service component, as well as being personally recommended by multiple professors. And although the Dean himself ended up having another commitment which prevented him from actually attending, there was a really nice reception. My babysitter ended up getting sick at the very last minute, but my dear friend Megan was able to come over and watch the kids so I was able to make it for the ceremony. I was so grateful that I got to see him be honored.

We all already knew it, but my honey really is the crème de la crème. His fellow students really look to him as a leader and for help with school stuff, rides, and personal stuff, and yet he can also be found cleaning the community student refrigerators before school once a month with a couple of other CSF students. Amazingly, he still throws Annaliese up in the air (we're talking WAY up in the air) and throws a ball with Titus when he gets home and also helps me do the dishes and takes me out for a date when we get the chance to sneak away. What a guy. I don't deserve him, but I thank God that he's mine! :)

P.S. Thanks, Shannon, for telling me to update my blog. I do love it. I just get overwhelmed with the fact that I can't seem to get it all done to the degree that I wish I could. :) Something is better than nothing, right!?!