Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas travels

 Announcing: we have a walker. Titus is so funny because he actually started walking around 11 months before he was able to crawl. Within about a week, he started crawling and hence stopped walking. We could coax him to walk on rare occasion with lots of cheering when the mood struck him. But starting in early December, he's now on his own two feet. It is fun that he can get around now.

 W had a great time with friends from our Young Marrieds fellowship group called Unite, when we were newly weds in SLO. Tahoe was beautiful - but NO SNOW! It was a little bit of a bummer, but I think the moms were all secretly ok with not having to deal with it ;)

 Here are the 8 kids at the cabin all 3 years old and younger. What a fun and lively bunch!

 From Tahoe, we went to San Jose to see Andy's family for Josh and Desiree's engagement party and pre-Christmas celebration.

 Reading the Christmas story from the Bible with Didi's Kyrgyzstanian nativity set.

 Annaliese love her new jammies from Didi and Papa Mac!

 The adults took a quick pic after the kids had gone to bed.

Then we drove to my parents family and celebrated Christmas Eve/Day with them. Annaliese enjoyed singing "Jingle Jingle Happy Bells," "Joy to the World," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (her favorite).

 Titus had fun, but wasn't entirely sure of what all was going on.

 The Peters Family :)
 Come on, cutest kids in the world? I think so.

 They love their Nannie Pie and Opa.

 Photo op clearly over.

Annaliese loved the new games she got for Christmas and enjoyed "Spilling the Beans" with Opa - totally thinking the point was TO spill the beans, instead of NOT to.

 Candyland with Mom and Nannie Pie.

Then to round out our trip all over the entire state, Andy and I got to go up to Shaver and stayed at a B&B for a night away while my parents watched the kids. It was a great time for us to relax together, although again - no snow! Oh well, we had a blast with everyone - family, friends and just us. I hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's birth with your loved ones as well.

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Linda Z said...

Love all the pics. Sounds like you had a lot of fun holidays! That's so neat that you got together with your Unite group. :)